What should i do when i init a new P100 hotspot

This is a guide for you to do confirm when you are initing a new pisces hotspot

  1. Using poe to power the hotsopt up and confirm it connect to network with 100Mbps lan port

  2. Connect it and register it via App

  3. Find this device ip in the networtk by App or router

  4. Update the hotspot

    1. way 1 : update the hotpsot via dashboard , cleck : tools->update miner -> begian

  5. Clean the blockchian file

    1. way 1 : clean via the hotspot dashboard ,cleck : tools->clean blockchian data -> begian

    2. way 2 : clean the block chain data via api

  6. Install the new dashbaord (optional)

    1. Using api to install the new dashboard

  7. Wait for a while to it start earning

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